While we hope it will never happen, your au pair may need to secure emergency medical care for your child(ren) in your absence. Instruct your au pair on the procedures to follow in case of a medical emergency involving your child(ren). Download and complete this medical authorisation form and keep it in an easy place to remember. Instruct your au pair to bring this form with her in a medical emergency.

As an au pair takes on responsibility in your household, she is caring for your child(ren) but also assumes some responsibility for your home and your car. To help your au pair be prepared if something unusual happens, be sure you give her a complete tour of the house, including the circuit board and main water shut-off. Provide her with a complete list of phone numbers and other information she might need.

If you live is a bushfire prone area please ensure your au pair is aware what to do in the event of a fire. 

Download the AIFS Au Pair Emergency Household Information template.

Car accidents

Car accidents can be disorienting. Make sure that your au pair knows where to find the registration and insurance information for the car. Tell her that in the event of an accident, that is critical the au pair gathers information from the other driver so that a complete report can be made to the police and insurance company. Your au pair should take photos of your car and the other car on her phone. 

Download a list of helpful questions to ask in case of an motor vehicle accident.

When your au pair needs assistance

As a host family, you should handle your au pair's illnesses, accidents or medical emergencies in the same way that you would for any family member. If serious, please notify our community counsellor on 0401 532 420.