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Your trust and confidence is important to us.

Welcome Parents of our Future Au Pairs!

Has your child announced that they would like to head off to the USA on an adventure with Au Pair in America? We can understand you might have some questions and concerns. Your trust and confidence in our organisation is important to us.

We hope you find the answers and information you are looking for here. If after reading this you still have questions please get in touch by phone or email.

You'll Be in Good Company.

Au Pair in America is a legal cultural exchange program established in 1986 – the very first au pair program sponsor to be designated by the US government – so you know your child is in safe hands. We are part of a larger, global organisation called the American Institute for Foreign Study.


locations around the world including Australia, Germany the USA, UK and Poland.


million applicants who have participated on an AIFS program.


years experience sending young people around the globe.

FAQS for Parents

What would a typical day be?

This varies depending on how old the children are and the needs of each family. As an example, the au pair wakes the children and gets them ready for the day including preparing meals and bathing them. If they are attending school the au pair will drive them and be there for after-school activities and dinner and bedtime. If the children are infants the au pair will care for them during the day.

A positive life experience

Being an Au pair is much more than being a nanny. It is an immersive cultural exchange experience which helps build many life skills. Confidence and communication skills improve, Au pairs learn the importance of responsibility, resilence and thinking on their feet -all valuable life lessons. By the time your child returns to Australia, they have gained a better understanding of other cultures and have developed as individuals. Not least, being an Au Pair in America adds international experience to your child's CV.

What does an Au pair in America have to do?

Au pair actually means 'on par' or equal to in French, so it makes perfect sense that our au pairs are considered equal members of their US families.

Au pairs receive room and board with their host family as well as weekly pocket money. In return, they provide up to 45 hours of childcare per week.

What are the main duties?

Duties are children-centred, and Au pairs are not expected to do heavy domestic work. However, they will need to be prepared to do some laundry for the children and to keep their bedrooms and play areas tidy. They are aa part of the family so they would be expected to 'pitch in' as any family member would.

Time off

An Au pair's schedule is a maximum of 10 hours per day and up to 45 hours per week. There is plenty time off during their week in addtion to 2 weeks paid vacation. Once the Au pair year is completed, Au pairs can take advantage of a "Travel Month" to explore the USA before returning home.


Part of the visa requirement involves Au pairs studying at a local college or choosing an online course. The host family contributes to the cost of the classes and will help them with any transport needed. Course options are broad and do not need to be childcare related. your child can either choose a course to enhance thier childcare qualification or opt to learn about something they may interested in such as art or travel. Agan, this study can then be added to their CV.

What is the application process

Applicants complete our online application and create a personal profile. They will then attend an interview with one of our local interviewers who has been carefully trained on every part of our selection, interview and application process. We take great care to personally assess applicants for their suitability, motivation and commitment to the quality of our program.

The Interview

Where? It may initially take place online but usually the interview takes place  in a public location like a library or coffee shop.

The interviewer will begin with an overview of the program, a review of the application and then proceed to an informal interview. The interviewer is responsible for ensuring that anyone applying on our program has the adequate skills, experience, maturity and motivation to participate successfully.

When the interview is done, the applicant will be asked to complete a personality questionnaire. Any relevant medical history will be discussed and the applicant must provide a recent medical form and Australian Federal Police check.

Our Support Network

It's support and safety first when it comes to our Au pairs. Once your daughter or son becomes part of the Au Pair in America program, they are supported and cared for every step of the way: from application to departure and throughout their experience in America.

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