Au Pair Life

Your free time is yours to explore, travel, meet friends, take classes or participate in hobbies...

Au Pair in America is the perfect combination of childcare, study, travel and cultural exchange. It is a meaningful way to care for children and share experiences, bringing together so many opportunities into one incredible experience.

Stipend allowance

The minimum weekly stipend is calculated by the U.S. Department of State after accounting for costs associated with weekly room and board.  Host families and au pairs are free to agree to compensation higher than the legally applicable minimum.

You will provide up to 45 hours of childcare per week for your host family. Because every host family is different, your daily schedule will be varied. It will depend a lot on the ages and needs of the children you are caring for and the individual requirements of your host family.

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What Life Might Look Like

The Morning Routine

Normally I get up at 6.30 and prepare breakfasts before the kids wake up –one only eats cereal and the other likes a boiled egg! At 7am I make sure they are both awake and then we eat breakfast together and I help them get ready and do their lunches. I drop the older child at his high school and then walk to the local school with the younger one.

Mid Morning

I normally arrive back home around 9.15. I clean the kids’ rooms (sometimes they help me do this before school) and put the washing machine on, then wash the breakfast things, and then find the swimming things for this afternoon’s lesson. I usually am finished by 11am.


Most days I will restart at 2.30 however the older child finishes school early on this day so I pick him up and then we have a snack before I head to the school to pick up the youngest.

Today is a day when I am cooking so after homework is done, the kids help me make a cake and a dish from my home country. Cooking is my hobby but is also a really nice way for the kids and I to spend time together. At 5.30pm I drop the oldest at swimming and head back home to make sure the youngest has had her shower before dinner.


My host dad is picking up the oldest from swimming so the youngest and I set the table and she helps me make a salad. My host mum can sometimes work very late but tonight she is back by 6pm so she has a chat with us while we are in the kitchen. When everyone is home we eat and then I am finished for the day.

Family Time (My time)

At first I was worried how we work out my time versus family time however, we quickly worked that out. They always ask me to join them for family occasions like birthdays (which I love!) but are fine for me to spend time with my friends on my days off as well.  During the week We normally spend some time together after dinner but then I head off to do my own thing.


Travel North America

Au Pair in America participants have plenty of time to explore the US. Snap a selfie on Santa Monica Pier, cheer the Red Sox at Fenway watch real life cowboys at a rodeo, or soak up the glamour on Rodeo Drive.

Whatever you imagine when you think of the USA, becoming an Au Pair in America means being able to see that dream come alive.

Many Au pairs also travel with other au pairs from their area so you have ready made travel buddies. Head to our stories to read about Au Pair's travel experiences.

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A US$500 Study Allowance

As an Au Pair in America you will receive a US$500 study allowance. Study is a great way to expand your skills, make new friends and enhance your CV.

There are so many study options you can choose from studying American culture online with UCLA to taking a weekend course which combines learning with travel.

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Free Time

You are given a minimum of 1.5 days off per week and at least one full weekend each month.

However, if you have school-age children, will have free time during the day. You can use this time however you’d like. Maybe to meet up with friends, explore, exercise, volunteer or study and receive 2 weeks paid holiday during your year.

days off per week
days paid holidays