How to apply

Follow these steps to start your Au Pair journey.


Check your eligibility

  • Age 18 - 26 years old (you can apply whilst 17)
  • Have 200 hours of childcare experience gained within the last 3 years
  • Have a valid driving license and clean driving record (P-plates are fine)
  • Are a secondary school graduate or equivalent.

Complete your Application

When you're ready, head to our dedicated online application portal called My Au Pair in America to create your online profile. You will also need to make your first payment of $100.

Once you have registered, you will see a 'to do' list which includes answering several questions about yourself and uploading some photos and documents.


Attend an Interview

Once your online profile is completed, you'll be invited to attend an interview with one of our team. We have interviewers located in most major cities and regional areas.

Your Interview is the opportunity for us to learn more about you and the type of placement you are seeking.


16PF Test

As part of the online application, you will be asked to complete a 16PF test (Sixteen Personality Factors). This is a globally recognised test allows us to gain a well-rounded picture of your personality and how you will fit into an American Family. Along with the interview, this gives us a great starting point for the matching process.


Matching with a Host Family

If you've passed your interview and completed your online profile in full you move forward to the matching process (the most exciting part!) which is when you speak to potential host families and decide on your placement. During this process, it is important to ask each host family as many questions as possible, especially relating to topics that are important to you.

Obtaining Your Visa

After you've chosen your host family, we will move quickly to organise your visa paperwork and assist you through the process of applying for your Cultural Exchange au pair visa. Obtaining your visa can take anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks, depending on the Consulate, appointment availability. We will provide you with more information regarding the visa when the time comes.


Pre-Departure Online Training

This is a requirement of your visa to complete this online training. You will receive login details shortly after your application is accepted. You will need to complete the online modules before a deadline that is given to you.



Upon matching with your host family you will be given your orientation start date, which will be the date you fly out of the USA, as well as your departure gate e.g. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth etc.

However, you will not get your exact flight till about 10 days before you depart; so it is important to keep checking your portal. Once you have gotten your flights you can request seats, enter and dietary requirements.


Travelling to the USA

You will be responsible for getting yourself to your selected airport for your flight and following all protocols including any COVID-19 requirements. Once you arrive in New York there will be someone to pick you up from the airport and take you to the orientation hotel.

Camp surrounded by mountains and a blue lake cropped into the number 10.

Travelling to your host family

Following the orientation, depending on where your host family lives they will either pick you up from the hotel or our staff will take you to an airport, train station, bus station where your onward travel to your host family would have been organised by us.

Get Started.