Work at a Japanese winter resort.

Applications close 31 August

The land of anime, sumo and ramen is hiring!

Japan is one of the few places around the world where you can truly experience the snow that is known as champagne powder.  Japan is the destination on everyone’s lips and yet finding work there can be challenging. That’s where we are here to help! Winter Work Japan secure you work before you leave home and then gives you on the group support when you need it. Want a gap year with a difference – Winter Work Japan is your answer!

Japan - the numbers


There are over 500 ski resorts in Japan. This includes the well-known Niseko resort region in  the northern island of Hokkaido to the resorts accessible by bullet train from Tokyo like Gala and Hakuba.

37 million

Greater than the population of Australia, the first time visitor to Tokyo is normally surprised by the sheer number of people. Dig a little deeper and you will discover that this metropolis is full of small communities, each with a life of their own.


100 yen equates to about one Australian dollar. Contrary to common belief, eating out in Japan is not expensive. Food at convenience stores are cheap and tasty. A set meal "teishoku" can set you back less than $10.

"I am an anime fan so working in Japan was the next step. I visited places I had seen in manga. It was such an amazing 6 months"

Sina, 21 years old
Placed in Niseko


You will be rewarded for the time you spend in Japan. Japan has a rich cultural history. The longer you stay in Japan, the more you will learn.

Getting social

There is so much to do in Japan when work finishes. Being placed at a resort, you will find social activities are happening every day. Hit the slopes with your work buddies or explore the local nightlife - the choice is yours.

You're not alone

Taking the step to work in another country can be a daunting one. With AIFS you have the peace of mind knowing support is there when you need it.

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