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Do you miss your life as an au pair in America? Do you wake up wishing you were back in the USA living the American dream?

Well you can with Au Pair in America offering $0 Program Fees to all returners regardless of what company they went with previously. 

If you have already taken part in a US au pair program then you can return for a second au pair in America experience! In order to apply again, you must have already successfully completed your 12 months with any extentions on a US au pair program and you must have lived outside of the USA for at least 2 years. You can either return to your previous host family if they are still on our program or you can select a new family in a whole new location. As a return applicant, you can select any of our program options if you meet the program requirements.

Just imagine, you could be seeing the bright lights of New York City or the sandy white beaches of Miami again! Always wanted to stroll through Central Park, go camping in the Grand Canyoun or see the Niagara Falls? This is your opportunity to do all of that and more! You now know all the places that you did not get the chance to visit the first time round, so now is your chance to tick off all those items on your US bucket list. What are you waiting for. Be an au pair in America - again!