How To Apply

 Step 1 

Start your ONLINE AIFS APPLICATION. The Application will take around 10-20 minutes to complete. You will then receive a call from one of our consultants to confirm receipt, explain the next steps and give you access to THE HUB  - AIFS' Au Pair online database.


Step 2

Make your First Payment of $350, which must be paid prior to interviewing Au Pairs. 

  • Online via Credit Card 
  • EFT/ direct deposit 
    Account name: American Institute for Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd 
    Bank name: ANZ Bank 
    Bank Account No.: 498119999 
    BSB No.: 012 140
  •  In person – visit our centrally located office – 10-14 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst (close to Hyde Park)
  •  Payment by phone – we can take payment by phone between 10am – 4pm on 1300 889 067


Step 3 

(This can be uploaded to your application or emailed to us)

Please write a letter addressed to your prospective Au Pair describing some of the following:

  • The members of your family, your professional life, family activities and interests
  • The care needs of your children, their behaviour patterns, their routines, school and social activities
  • Why would you like to host an Au Pair?
  • What are your expectations of hosting an Au Pair?
  • The experience your family has had with other cultures
  • Your home and the room that will be provided to your Au Pair
  • Specific household rules that you will expect your Au Pair to follow
  • Briefly describe the social and cultural opportunities in your community for a young adult from overseas
  • Your community, distance, accessibility to your nearby major city and things to do/attractions
  • If you have a child with special needs, describe them and the care you expect your Au Pair to provide
  • If you have a secondary home or holiday house, describe where it is in relation to your primary home, frequency of visits and whether you expect your Au Pair to accompany you.
  • Does your family maintain religious, cultural practices or dietary restrictions of which the Au Pair would be made aware of?


Step 4 

Submit via your online application or by email a Family Photo Collage –  Please limit your photo uploads to a maximum of 3 files. Files should be no larger than 1MB. We suggest that you include photos of the following:

  • Photos of the Host Family (including host parents, children, & family pets)
  • Photo of the Au Pair’s bedroom and/or bathroom
  • Photo of the Host Family’s living area

Step 5

Start to prepare an Au Pair Schedule/Roster using the template provided by AIFS.


Step 6 

Gather the paperwork you’ll need including the two Personal references.


Step 7

Complete your National Criminal Check. Completing this check is a requirement for every person aged of 18 or over that will be living in your household during your Au Pair's placement. The current costs of the check is $42.00. Please note that your Au Pair's placement will be confirmed only when your checks are completed.



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