Other Costs to Consider

  • Full board and accommodation must be provided to the Au Pair for the full duration of the program. This is part of the weekly compensation for your Au Pair.
  • The weekly stipend for Au Pair CLASSIC and PLUS Au Pairs is $195 for up to 24 hours/week, $255 for 24-35 hours/week and $305 for 36-40 hours/week; 
  • The weekly stipend for Au Pair PLATINUM Au Pairs is $295 for up to 35 hours/week, $375 for 36-40 hours/week;
  • WWCC - All Au Pairs obtain a NSW Working with Children Check during their AIFS orientation. It is the responsiblity of your family to obtain a WWCC for families if your family resides outside of NSW;
  • Completion Bonus: Your Au Pair has committed to care for your children for a period of 6 months under a cultural exchange program. Upon completion of a 6 month placement AIFS host families are required to pay their Au Pair a Completion Bonus of $300 and one week’s paid leave (or paid the equivalent in pocket money) during or upon completion of the 6 months. Leave must be agreed with the Host Family prior to taking. A 9 month placement will receive the same as a 6 month placement with an additonal one week’s paid leave (two weeks overall paid leave) at the end of the 9 month mark (or paid the equivalent in pocket money)
  • One-way transport from Sydney to the Host Family's home. For interstate families this may include a bus, air or train ticket and any other necessary transfer costs;
  • Online National Criminal Police check for every person aged 18 years or older who will be residing in your household during the Au Pair's placement. The cost of the check is $42.00. 
  • The Au Pair must be paid the minimum weekly stipend during periods when your family is travelling or on holidays. This payment is required regardless of whether your Au Pair accompanies your family;
  • The Au Pair must be included on your car insurance policy if they will be using your car.

Payment Methods

Payment may be made by cheque, direct debit or credit card. Credit card payments will incur a 2.5% surcharge.

Payment of the placement fee is due 14 days after a placement has been confirmed by AIFS. Payment is required prior to the commencement of the Au Pair's placement with your Family.