2022 Returning Families Fees*

Service Fee: $350 (payable upon registering as return family)

AND Placement Fee (by tier):

CLASSIC Returning Family (6 months) $895** 
TOTAL FEE: $1,245

PLUS Returning Family (6 months) $1,095**
TOTAL FEE: $1,445

PLATINUM Returning Family (6 months) $1395**
TOTAL FEE: $1,745

Fees are subject to change 

* The $200 returning family discount has been applied to each tier. Returning family discounts are only applicable to families whose last placement was completed within the last 12 months.

**Longer placements will be invoiced as initial 9 months placements or calculated on a pro-rata basis per week. Please click HERE for further details. 

Au Pair CLASSIC -  Au Pairs mainly have experience with 3+yo children.

Au Pair PLUS  - Au Pairs have a minimum of 100 hours childcare experience with children aged under 3 years.

Au Pair PLATINUM  - Au Pairs have either a formal qualiafication (degree or diploma) in a childcare related profession or a min of 2 years full time work experience in a child-care related job.

Families with children under 3 years old who select a candidate quallified to care for children under 3 will be charged the Au Pair PLUS fee.

Extensions - A weekly extension fee is payable for families wishing to extend beyond the agreed date of the placement. This fee covers assistance with the extension (if applicable) and the ongoing support services. The weekly cost of the extension varies according to the au pair tier (CLASSIC, PLUS, PLATINUM) the initial placement duration, and if the placement is with a new or returning family.  Please click here for further details.