Returning Families Fees*

Au Pair CLASSIC (experienced with children aged 3 & over)
6 months $1045
9 months $1445

Au Pair PLUS (experienced with children aged under 3)
6 months $1345
9 months $1895

Au Pair PLATINUM  (a minimum of 2 yrs full time childcare experience or a childcare related degree or diploma)
6 months $1645

9 months $2345

  * The Total Fee for Returning families includes the Service & Placement Fee less the Returning Family discount ($200). The service fee will be invoiced upon registering for a new au pair, the placement fee less the return family discount will be invoiced upon confirmation of a placement. Returning family discounts are only applicable to families whose last placement was completed within the last 12 months. 

Au Pair CLASSIC -  Au Pairs mainly have experience with 3+yo children.

Au Pair PLUS  - Au Pairs have a minimum of 100 hours childcare experience with children aged under 3 years.

Au Pair PLATINUM  - Au Pairs have either a formal qualiafication (degree or diploma) in a childcare related profession or a min of 2 years full time work experience in a child-care related job.

Families with children under 3 years old who select a candidate quallified to care for children under 3 will be charged the Au Pair PLUS fee.