I’m Phoebe, 19 years old and from Adelaide. I started my Au Pair adventure with an amazing host family in Newport Beach, California.

My host family are Jewish, so I was able to learn about their culture and living amongst it was an incredible experience. Celebrating the American holidays was a great experience, especially 4th of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving! I looked after a 13 year old girl, she soon became my best friend! I learned so much during my Au Pair experience, but the most important things to me are confidence and independence.

Because of this, I travelled my myself in my vacation weeks. In my vacation weeks I visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Savannah Georgia, Lexington Kentucky twice and went to NASA in Texas. Orientation was in Connecticut with a tour of New York which was amazing. Also, I did a weekend class to get credits, I went to Utah for this because I was able to visit the High School Musical school, East High!

The best thing about Au Pairing I think is the connection that you make with your host kids and family. Having a second family on the other side of the world is an incredible feeling, and the bond with be forever. Also, you’re able to make friends from all around the world! Two of my best friends while being an Au Pair are from South Africa and Sweden.