Discover the beauty of Naples or the canals of Venice!

Offra volontariamente 15 ore ogni settimana in cambio di stanza libera e bordo in Italia!

Have you ever imagined what life would be like in Italy? Waking to a morning expresso, a visit to the the local markets and an evening spent enjoying the buzz of a local bistro. Italty is a country of diverse and amazing regions, from the beauty of the alps to the beautiful coastlines in the south.

Global Projects allows you to explore Italy whilst living as a local. This cultural immersion programme gives you the experience of day-to-day life with an Italian family, sharing experiences and in many cases having the opportunity to take part in family activities. Global Project families are located in many regions of Italy although most placements are offered in the surrounding region of Venice or in the Naples region.

As most weekends will normally be free you will also have plenty of time to travel. Local trains and buses run to most areas of Italy and fast trains leave from Venice and other major cities to other European countries -  a weekend away in Germany, Croatia or France is just a hop, skip and a jump!

What's included

  • A personalised placement with a host family
  • Arrival orientation
  • Your own private room & 3 meals per day
  • In-country support

What you do

You will need to volunteer 15 hours a week helping your host family with conversational English. In exchange you will receive a private room and 3 home-cooked meals each day. In most cases the 15 hours will be spent helping with homework or free conversation.

Why do it?

  • Cost effective  - less than $50 per day including meals & accommodation
  • Improve your Italian language skills 
  • Experience the Italian culture as a 'local'
  • Enhance your CV with international experience
  • Peace of mind – AIFS has over 50 years experience in offering quality cultural exchange programmes

Fast Facts

4 weeks $1,395
8 weeks $1,695
12 weeks $1,895

Meals & accommodation          Included
Orientation Included. Held 2 or 3 days after arrival
Flights Not included. Ask us about our travel deals with Student Flights
Airport Transfers Not included
Insurance Not included
Visa Tourist visa

Working Hours Up to 15 hrs. each week
Language Requirements Native English speaker
Availability All year
Arrival Dates

Weekly (Arrive to start on Friday)

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