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Need help over the Christmas holidays?

Managing childcare over the summer holidays is challenging for many families. Holiday camps are often expensive and many are centre based which can quickly lead to boredom for more active children. 

Having an Au Pair care for your children in your own home offers flexibility, and accommodates those evening parties and events that often mean trying to find a babysitter.

Your children will enjoy the experience and the alternative to long days in holidays camps. Visits to the park or beach, trips to the city with your au pair are just some of the activities an Au Pair can do. 

Cultural exchange is one of the benefits of any Au Pair placement and it is the same with our Christmas Au Pair option. Having your family learn about Christmas in Germany and sharing the Australian tradition with your Au Pair is a truly enriching experience. For families who have not hosted an Au Pair before it will give you a wonderful introduction to "test the water" and decide if a longer term placement would suit your family.  

For families considering a week away over the December - January period, an Au Pair can care for your animals, water your garden and even collect your mail. While not cleaners, an Au Pair is happy to look after animals and house sit while you are away. It is a great alternative to boarding kennels and using other home services.

Who are the Au Pairs?

All Au Pairs must meet the eligibilty of AIFS' standard Au Pair program and are fully screened, including Police and Medical checks. Christmas Au Pairs are from Germany and will be in Australia on a Working Holiday visa.

Before commencing their placement with your family, the Au Pair will participate on a 2 day orientation at AIFS which will include pediatric first aid training and the setting up of their bank account. 

Au Pair profiles are ready to view immediately. 

Duration of placement 

Your Au Pair will complete a two day orientation on December 13 and 14 and will be ready to travel to your family on Saturday December 15.  The placement will run until January 25, 2019. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate earlier start dates. 

What do I need to provide?

An Au Pair will be living with your family for the duration of the placement so you must be albeo tp orvide a bedroom, meals and a weekly pocket money. Meals such as breakfast and lunch and au pair will normally make themselves. Dinner are normally eaten together as a fmaily and will sometimes be prepared by the au pair -this varies according to the au pair and the family. 

The weekly pocket money is $195 for up to 24 hours/week, $255 for 24-35 hours/week and $305 for 36-40 hours/week. Pockey money is calculated, regardless of the number of children so for families with more than one child there is a siginficant saving in comparsion to traditional day camps and childcare. 

FEES - save $200!

SNAP Special: From September 21 - the first five families to apply and pay the Service Fee will be eligible for a $200 saving. This applies only to 2018 Christmas Au Pairs and is non-transferable.  The $200 will be deducted from your second payment. 

First payment - Service fee:  $350
Second payment: $295*
Total fee: $645*

Ready to take the first step to solving your Christmas holiday care?