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How it Works

In exchange for full board and pocket money we will place an AIFS Au Pair with your family to care for your children. Au Pairs provide care up to 40 hours per week and placements are a minimum of 6 months with a 9 month option also available. 

To ensure every Au Pair is equipped to care for your children they must: 

  • possess a minimum of 200 hours referenced childcare - many will have more than 1,000 hours 
  • provide 2 verified references
  • complete a one-on-one interview with our team - the interview report is available for you to review
  • provide a clear medical and police check
  • complete an application including detailed information about their childcare experience.
  • provide photos, video and information about the type of family they are seeking
  • meet AIFS' child protection and safeguarding screening guidelines (AIFS is accredited by ChildWise)
Step by Step
The following steps walk through the process from how to apply, to matching, your Au Pair's arrival and how we support you and your Au Pair during the placement. 

1. Complete your Online Application

Click on APPLY and follow the steps to be directed to our online application. Once you have completed the application you will need to accept the Terms & Conditions and process payment of the Service fee of $350.00. We will be in touch with you wthin 48 hours to confirm receipt and explain the next steps. Before starting your application please contact us on 1300 889 067 so we can discuss Au Pairs that we have available for the period you are seeking.


2. Select Your Au Pair

AIFS will forward you Au Pair profiles matching your family's requirements. Some families prefer to select candidates using our HUB database or use both options. Whichever you prefer, our team will assist you in arranging an interview with your potential Au Pair by phone or SKYPE.

For some families the selection process may take 4 weeks, for others a few months. The time to select an Au Pair will depend on the time of year, your childcare requirements and ensuring that the Au Pair is the perfect fit for your family. 

Upon completion of the interview, if both you and the Au Pair are happy to proceed we will send confirmation or alternately, you may review further Au Pair profiles.


3. Preparing for your Au Pair's Arrival

Upon selecting your Au Pair, a start date will be finalised and a confirmation e-mail with all relevant arrival details will be sent to you. Normally the soonest an Au Pair can arrive is 6-8 weeks upon confirmation of the placement. A small number of Au Pairs from countries that offer direct flights can arrive sooner however this cannot be guaranteed. Download and read the AIFS Au Pair Handbook. The placement confirmation does include valuable information to assist you in preparing for the arrival of your Au Pair. Please note that all Host Families outside of Sydney have to provide a 1-way transport from Sydney to their hometown for their Au Pair.


4. Our Support

Once your Au Pair starts with your family, our team is available to support both you and the Au Pair for the duration of the placement. Every Host Family is contacted by our Community Counsellor 2 weeks after your Au Pair's arrival to assist with the transitioning process and to give you her details so you have a point of contact for advice and support throughout the placement.  You will start to receive our AIFS Host Families monthly newsletter once we have receive your application.

Hosting an Au Pair is a rewarding experience however occasionally we know families need advice. At these times your Community Counsellor is available both during business hours and after hours for this purpose. 

All AIFS Au Pairs in Australia are contacted on a regular basis throughout the placement and have access to Community Counsellor and emergency support. 

5. Your Next Au Pair - Returning Families

Prior to your Au Pair completing their placement we will contact you to confirm if you wish to continue with our service. The majority of AIFS families use our services continuously in order to receive uninterupted childcare. For more details click here

IMPORTANT...Things to Consider

  • weekly pocket money for Au Pairs -  CLASSIC and Au Pair PLUS: $195 for up to 24 hours/week $255 for 25-35 hours/week, $305 for a 36-40 hours/week plus a $300 completion bonus and one week’s paid leave (or paid the equivalent in pocket money) upon completion of the 6 months. 
  • weekly pocket money for Au Pairs starting in 2019 PLATINUM: $295 for up to 35 hours/week, $375 for a 36-40 hours/week plus a $300 completion bonus and one week’s paid leave (or paid the equivalent in pocket money) upon completion of the 6 months. 
  • every person over the age of 18 living in your household  is required to complete a National Police Check. The current cost for the check is $42.00. Please be advised that placements cannot be confirmed until checks have been completed;
  • the total hours/week an Au Pair is on duty should not exceed 40 hours/week;
  • 10 hours is the maximum number of hours of care. If your Au Pair is required to work more than 10 hours per day, please contact us;
  • All AIFS Au Pairs apply for a Working with Children Check (WWCC) during their Sydney orientation. It is the responsibility of the family to apply for a WWCC in the state that the Au Pair will complete the placement;
  • AIFS recommends a weekly automatic transfer of the pocket money into the Au Pair’s bank account;
  • pocket money must be paid during holiday periods and when you family does not require your Au Pair;
  • please provide your Au Pair with a weekly roster/timetable, so that you & your Au Pair can clearly identify her/his on-duty-hours and her free time;
  • night-time babysitting & children’s nap times during the day with the Au Pair in charge counts as being 'on-duty';
  • Your Au Pair must have a minimum free time of 1.5 days per week. These days do not have to be on a weekend or on consecutive days; 
  • Au Pairs are not allowed to be the sole carer for the children while the parents are away overnight. In the event that both parents have to stay away overnight, please arrange for another adult to be in house with the Au Pair and children;
  • The Au Pair’s role is childcare & childcare related household duties. An Au Pair will not fulfil general cleaning tasks although it is expected that the Au Pair will lend a hand as any other family member.


Please remember that this is a cultural exchange experience and as such, it is a wonderful opportunity for your Au Pair and your family to learn from each other. You can show your Au Pair your area, teach them about Australia and our customs, as well as sporting events and our cuisine. Your Au Pair can teach you about the place they come from, perhaps help your children learn a language or try new food for the first time. As a Host Family you become an ambassador for your area and your community. 

Interested but not yet ready to sign up? Visit THE HUB (our Au Pair database) to view available Au Pairs. Alternately have a chat with one of our consultants on 1300 889 067.



"Thank you AIFS who helped us host four Au pairs during the past three years - these experiences and this childcare assistance have helped make our time in Canberra so memorable!  

The Edwards Family, Canberra