A letter to your future Au Pair is the best way to introduce them to your family, what you are looking for and what kind of placement you can offer them. Click on the links below to view samples, and use the following checklist to help ensure you cover the important points:

  • The members of your family, your professional life, family activities and interests
  • The care needs of your children, their behaviour patterns, their routines, school and social activities
  • Why would you like to host an Au Pair?
  • What are your expectations of hosting an Au Pair?
  • The experience your family has had with other cultures
  • Your home and the room that will be provided to your Au Pair
  • Specific household rules that you will expect your Au Pair to follow
  • Briefly describe the social and cultural opportunities in your community for a young adult from overseas
  • Your community, distance, accessibility to your nearby major city and things to do/attractions
  • If you have a child with special needs, describe them and the care you expect your Au Pair to provide
  • If you have a secondary home or holiday house, describe where it is in relation to your primary home, frequency of visits and whether you expect your Au Pair to accompany you.
  • Does your family maintain religious, cultural practices or dietary restrictions of which the Au Pair would be made aware of?

Kim Family Sample Letter

O'Donell Family Sample Letter

Neuer Family Sample Letter

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