Searching for a quality Au Pair Agency in Sydney?

Having children is one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. The joy that your kids bring to you is something you cannot put into words but at the same time it is a monumental challenge; probably one of the most challenging things in your life. Balancing work and childcare can seem like an impossible task at the best of times, and there are many ways in which families try to make it work. Some families choose to have one of the parents take the childcare duties, but others can find that impractical and opt to pay for professional childcare. Many find both these ways less than ideal due to the financial worries involved.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid the financial restrictions outlined above. An au pair is cheaper than traditional childcare which can cost up to $100 per day, per child. At AIFS you can find an au pair to suit your needs at a price which is much cheaper than regular childcare. This is why many people in Sydney are making the choice to come to us for help with their childcare needs.

AIFS Au Pair cost much less than other forms of childcare. We have a large number of au pairs seeking a Sydney placement. Generally most au pairs will provide childcare up to 40 hours per week although the beneift of hosting an au pair is you can set your hours dependent on tyour family's needs.  Considering that the average childcare costs in Sydney are around $100 per day per child, hosting an au pair makes good financial sense, particularly if you have more than one child. If you are hoping to find an au pair in Sydney, then look no further than our agency.

At AIFS we register au pairs from all over the world which means that will you get the benefits of in-house childcare along with an additional cultural experience. This is particularly beneficial to your child as they may be able to teach them a foreign language and more about their culture. This is a two-way street too as you will be able to teach them about the great city of Sydney and more about Australian culture while in the process becoming an informal ambassador for your country.

Benefits of Choosing AIFS Au Pair

Our au pair agency located close to Sydney's Hyde Park does not compromise on quality for potential candidates. You will find that we have a thorough approach to finding the right person for you and your family. Our au pairs have a good level of English, and possess an international driving license so that they can help out on the school run. Our agency even matches potential candidates to your family to see if they are a great match for both your requirements. This is why at AIFS we consider our agency a cut above the others offering au pairs in Sydney.