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Having children is one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. The joy that your kids bring to you is something you cannot put into words but at the same time it is a monumental challenge; probably one of the most challenging things in more .

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It is stressful for even the most organised of parents to fulfil all of their child's day to day necessities. With schools offering more and more evening classes and activities along with weekend hobbies and pastimes, at times it seems you more .

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Raising a child is expensive for most families. Only a privileged few can afford to look after their children full-time without having to worry about money, but unfortunately, most of us will have to work full time to provide for our families more .

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So you're looking to find an Au Pair in Australia? Congratulations! You've made the first big step in a very rewarding process. It can be tricky though if you don't know where to start. There are so many questions! Where to even look for Au more .

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Each year, the American Institute for Foreign Studies, or AIFS, provides families in Brisbane and elsewhere throughout Australia with au pairs who assist in childcare. The program, which places au pairs in Brisbane, is a cultural exchange more .

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If you are looking for au pairs in Perth, you may not be alone. AIFS, the American Institute for Foreign Study, actually makes it very easy for families to find an au pair. AIFS is one of the largest providers of cultural exchange programs more .

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You may have heard friends or neighbours who have an Au Pair talk on end about their amazing "superstar" live in nanny. For Australian families, we know that's a big deal. Child care is serious business, and if you plan to bring an Au Pair Nanny more .

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The opportunity to become a live in nanny in Brisbane can provide you with a cultural experience that many young adults your age will never have. Six months in Australia is much different than a one- or two-week holiday. AIFS (American more .

If You Are Searching for Nannies or an Au Pair, Why AIFS Is the Only Live In Nanny Agency in Perth You Will Need

If you have been looking for an au pair nanny in Perth, the American Institute for Foreign Study, or AIFS, can help. Our organisation is the world’s largest provider of cultural exchange programs in the world. Every year, more than 50,000 more .

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Your child's youth is one of the most important times of their life. With modern kids spending increasing amounts of time indoors glued to a screen many of us worry about our children getting the most out of their childhood. We think back to how more .

Counter the Costs of Childcare by Seeking an American, English, or Polish Au Pair

With each month comes a bill - delivered to your inbox and demanding enormous sums. It's from your childcare provider, and you sigh, knowing that this will syphon away yet another week's paycheck. You pour countless dollars into this more .

Find an Au Pair in Canberra to Provide Your Family with a Rich Cultural Experience

When you begin to think through the many solutions available to you for childcare, one of the options that come up is finding an au pair in Canberra. Hiring an au pair can be an incredibly enriching experience for your family, and more .

Finding the Right Au Pair Agency in Melbourne Doesn’t Have to Be a Difficult Task

There are a lot of things to think about when you set out to find quality child care in Melbourne, and one of the most important things to ensure is that you find the right au pair agency in Melbourne for your needs. You want to know that when more .

An Au Pair Can Be the Perfect Way to Have a Live in Nanny in Canberra

If you’re interested in having a live in nanny in Canberra, then one of the best options might be to consider hosting an au pair. Having an au pair nanny in Canberra gives you plenty of advantages over other childcare options. Part of the more .

Interested in an Au Pair? How to Find the Right Nanny Agency in Melbourne for Your Family

Having a live in nanny can provide you with numerous benefits over traditional childcare in many different ways. If you have been considering this, you probably have a lot of things to think about to decide whether or not this is the right more .

Discover the Convenience of In-Home Care While Hosting a Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish Au Pair.

On your wall is a calendar - with the days circled in red and countless notes smeared along the page. The holidays are approaching. Soon your son will be free of school and in need of supervision (you’ll be at work, unable to spare the more .

Choose a Qualified Dutch, French, or German Au Pair with Help from the American Institute for Foreign Study

The expectations are high. You want to provide your child with the cultural experiences she deserves - enriching her life by expanding her knowledge of the world. You strive to create a dynamic environment, and bringing an au pair into more .

AIFS Connects Families to Cultural Experiences and Enrichment - Learn More About Our Dutch, French, and German Nannies

A sense of sameness defines every day - with your child greeted by a familiar blend of faces, languages, and cultural expectations. Her friends all share similar interests; neighbours all cycle through a series of pleasantries; and the only new more .